Laser-Lok vs Nobel

The effects of laser microtexturing of the dental implant collar on crestal bone levels and peri-implant health

S Botos, H Yousef, B Zweig, R Flinton, S Weiner. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2011. 26:492-498.

15 Patients

60 Implants

12 Months

The purpose of this study was to compare crestal bone heights and probing depths between implants with different surfaces. The 15 patients in the study each received four implants, two Laser-Lok implants and two Nobel implants.

Study Results

Probing Depths at 12 Months

Probing depths around Laser-Lok implants were significantly lower than those on Nobel implants. These results support previous findings that Laser-Lok provides enhanced support to the adjacent connective tissue.

Bone Level at 12 Months (mm)

Crestal bone loss adjacent to the Laser-Lok implants was significantly less compared to the crestal bone loss adjacent to Nobel implants.

Study Conclusion

Probing depth and the crestal bone loss adjacent to the laser-microtextured collar implants were statistically significantly lower.