Laser-Lok in Multiple Unit Cases

Immediate occlusal loading of tapered internal Laser-Lok implants in partial arch application: A 24-months clinical and radiographic study.

M Grande, A Ceccherini, M Serra, L Bava, D Farronato, V Iorio Siciliano, R Guarnieri. J Osseointegr 2013;5(2):53-60.

35 Patients

107 Implants

24 Months

The aim of this 2 year prospective study was to clinically and radiographically evaluate Laser-Lok implants in immediately loaded cases with fixed prosthesis in both the mandible and maxilla.

Study Results

Success Rate (%)

Laser-Lok implants provide highly predictable results when immediately loaded in either the maxilla or mandible.

Average Crestal Bone Loss

The results of this study are in agreement with multiple previous studies4,5,6,10,12 showing that Laser-Lok reduces minimizes bone loss.

-.66 mm

Study Conclusion

Laser-Lok microtextured collar may lead to a decreased amount of initial crestal bone loss also when implants are immediately loaded.