Long term crestal bone maintenance compared to traditional surfaces

Clinical evaluation of laser microtexturing for soft tissue and bone attachment to dental implants.

GE Pecora, R Ceccarelli, M. Bonelli, H. Alexander, JL Ricci.
Implant Dentistry. Volume 18(1). February 2009. pp. 57-66.

15 Patients

40 Implants

37 Months

5 Centers

The purpose of this study was to evaluate Laser-Lok implants and their ability to maintain crestal bone by creating a connective tissue seal, compared to traditional implants.

Study Results

Crestal Bone Loss

Laser-Lok implants significantly reduced crestal bone loss compared to traditional surfaces.

-.59 mm

-1.94 mm

Probing Depth (mm)

The consistent difference in probing depth between Laser-Lok and control implants demonstrates the formation of a stable soft-tissue seal above the bone surrounding Laser-Lok implants.

Study Conclusion

Soft tissue seal above the bone has been established in Laser-Lok implant sites

3 year post-op Laser-Lok surface enables the reduction of crestal bone loss

Laser-Lok was numerically superior to the control implant at each month for the implants in the mandible and maxilla